Created in Italy in 1998, Echosline is the haircare brand that offers high quality products.

Known as a traditional brand, Echosline has gradually shifted towards «The Vegan Way» philosophy by formulating products based on natural ingredients, researching eco-sustainable packaging and materials in respect of the professional, the consumer and the planet.



  • Karbon 9

    Discover the Karbon 9 line

    The first range of detox and purifying treatments formulated with 100% organic botanical activated charcoal.

  • Maqui 3

    Maqui 3 is a smart, compact line of treatments by Echosline: with a small number of products, it is able to respond to the main hair needs, with specific rituals.

  • Classic Line

    Discover the Classic treatments line

    Classic but innovative line, composed of treatments to meet all needs.

  • Color Up

    Discover Color Up

    Color Up is the range of Echosline color masks that in just a few minutes restores intensity to both natural and cosmetic colors leaving hair full of shine and hydrated.

  • Ki Power

    Discover the Ki-Power line

    KI-POWER is the molecular reconstruction program for hair formulated by the Echosline laboratories to treat hair during the most critical phase of deterioration.

  • B_Pur

    Discover the B.Pur Line

    Thanks to never-ending laboratory research, B.PUR looks at the future and renews its invitation to «be pure», to try highly innovative formulas that are increasingly more environmentally friendly.

  • Seliàr
  • E-Styling

    Discover the Echosline Styling line

    E-Styling is the Echosline line for professional styling and maximum creative freedom.

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